Youth Minister - Paperwork/Info

Applications: To be filled out by every participant - DUE BY MAY 1st

Applications are used to gather each campers information (I.E. Name, Birthdate, etc.)

An "application link" will be emailed directly to contact leaders by January 1st (the link is to an online form, created specifically for your group). A "report link" will also be included as a way for contact leaders to view who from their group has filled out the application.

Completing Applications:

  • Forward the "application link" to everyone attending and have them fill it out themselves (either to be filled out at home, or all together during a meeting using computers, tablets and smartphones).

Editing Submitted Applications: To make any changes or remove duplicates, please fill out the Individual Application Edits Form and we will make the changes for you.

  • NOTE: Editing submitted applications is different than changing the number of overall spots in your group. In order to adjust your total number of spots, please visit the Modify Registration tab in your account.

Paperwork: Every participant - Contact leaders bring to camp

Medical Release

  • To be turned in upon arrival to camp. Please bring originals with you to camp plus 2 copies (3 total per participant)
  • On the original copies: Please attach a copy of each participant’s insurance card (front & back)

Code of Behavior

  • To be turned in upon arrival to camp (you do not need multiple copies of this)

Authorization Travel Form (ONLY FOR THOSE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD)

  • Print and keep while you travel (you will NOT turn this in to CHWC)

Covid-19 Pre-Trip Screening and Policy Agreement

  • To be turned in upon arrival to camp (you do not need multiple copies of this)

Volunteer Enrollment Form - ST. CROIX ONLY*

  • To be turned in upon arrival to camp

Alcohol Acknowledgement Form - ROME ONLY* (ONLY FOR THOSE UNDER 21 YEARS OLD)

  • To be turned in upon arrival to camp

Paperwork: Contact Leaders Only - DUE BY MAY 1st

  • Transportation Form
  • Letters of Suitability - ONLY If you have a priest or deacon attending camp with you, please direct them to our clergy page for further instructions
  • Verification Agreement - 3 step process for completion:
    • Step 1 – Print and complete the applicable form below
    • Step 2 – Submit Form Digitally (please do not mail the form to the CHWC Office!)
    • Step 3 – Turn the original form in upon arrival to camp
      • Reminder: CHWC requires all participants 18 and older to have an FBI/National background check and complete a version of Protecting God's Children safe environment training (name of training course varies between parish/diocese).



Meeting ONE suggestions/resources:

  • Complete applications (consider using computers, tablets and smartphones)
  • Spend time going over all Pre-Trip Information
    • Adults read their additional Pre-Trip Information (consider having a separate meeting altogether for adults)
  • Discuss travel plans and free day options (if applicable)
  • Spend time going over Meeting One Discussion Questions

Meeting TWO suggestions/resources: 

Meeting THREE suggestions/resources:

After Camp: