Phone/Internet Policies

We will be using a common sense approach when it comes to phone usage. There will be certain times when we need you to put those babies away and pay attention to the real world. Times like during Mass, programs, worksites, and lights out. We just want you to be present, get to know some new people, and fully experience all CHWC has to offer. But don’t worry, we’re not asking you to completely unplug. Go ahead and follow us on social media (@heartworkcamp) to stay in the loop and share all the awesome things you’re doing at camp. 

Free Wi-Fi is available at our hotel so Facetime, Skype, and other online communication forms are available.

You may want to check with your carrier about any extra fees you may incur while traveling. Affordable international plans are usually available through all major cell phone carriers. In case of an emergency or a situation where a camper does not have a cell phone, all staff members will have cell phones that can be used within reason and for emergencies.

The use of headphones is restricted to sleeping areas. They will not be allowed at worksites, or during evening activities. One of the goals of Workcamp is to help build relationships within your group, with members of other groups, and with the people, you will serve. Conversation and relationship building are hindered when campers are listening to music rather than the people around them.

We also suggest that before coming to the Workcamp each group set up a group text or email that will allow the leader to contact home and let everyone know your group has arrived safely.