Worksite/Safety Information

CHWC partners with local social agencies and parishes. We request that agencies give us projects in low-income communities for people who otherwise would not be able to afford help. Ultimately, the agencies are the source for selecting work projects. Be confident the agency has selected this project for a purpose, and God has you there for a reason.

Safety is our primary concern. CHWC is very focused on providing a safe, secure, and protected environment. Any mission journey traveling overseas involves an element of risk and hazard. CHWC will take necessary precautions in order to ensure your physical and emotional safety.

One of the many goals of Catholic HEART Workcamp is to improve conditions in low-income communities. In the unlikely event that a team feels threatened because of a resident’s behavior or neighborhood activity, bring the situation to the camp manager’s attention, and an evaluation will be made on whether or not the team should continue to work at this site. If a team member should see any kind of dangerous weapon (firearms, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc.) The adult leader should immediately contact the camp manager. The team will be moved immediately if CHWC feels they are in any kind of danger.