Dress Code

Catholic HEART Workcamp provides a safe and welcoming environment that is an example of a Christian Community. As we come together as a Catholic Christian Community, teens and adults are asked to dress in a manner that is modest and appropriate for a Catholic environment.

Personal appearance is not to be sexually suggestive or revealing.

For International trips, we do allow tank tops and sleeveless shirts.

  • Girls, please be respectful of our request to have a modest neckline with these types of shirts.
    • We still ask that there are no spaghetti strap shirts, halters, or tube tops.
  • Guys, please, no muscle tank top shirts.

Beach attire: Girls, one-piece bathing suits only. Guys, no Speedos, please!

T-shirts with offensive or suggestive symbols/statements are unacceptable. T-shirts with beer/alcohol logos are also prohibited.

Please be modest when packing shorts. We suggest the fingertip rule: If your shorts do not reach your fingertips when your arms are hanging down at your side, please consider bringing longer shorts.

HEART Workcamp depends on adult leaders to enforce this dress code with their own youth group members.