Experiencing a mission trip with Catholic HEART Workcamp means giving up some day-to-day conveniences. Part of our project is to experience a cross-cultural lifestyle and enjoy all that the country has to offer.

In addition to the occasional PB&J, we will be blessed with local cooks, and they will be providing us with food from their culture.

We ask youth groups not to go out to eat during mealtime. By doing so, you will:

  • Not waste the food purchased by your registration fee.
  • Appreciate the freedom to stop and order food anytime you are hungry at home.
  • Feel more empathy for the people who are less fortunate.
  • Experience the joy of sacrifice.

The menu is based on a well-balanced diet that will provide all the nutritional and caloric needs. CHWC does realize that there will be campers with food allergies and will adapt accordingly. Additionally, we offer plenty of options for vegetarians. However, if a camper requires a special diet, they are required to get/bring their own food or supplement what their diet requires.

Snack food is allowed but cannot be stored or eaten in the sleeping quarters. Tables in the cafeteria will be used for your group’s snacks. A designated person will collect all munchies from your group and store them in a sealed plastic container with your parish name on it. This food can only be eaten in the cafeteria. We do not want ants, cockroaches, and mice to raid your sleeping quarters!

  • CHWC will have extra cooler bags or containers for those groups who may want to store some snacks for the week.