WANTED: Nurse and Trouble Shooters

What will Trouble Shooters be doing?
Experience in minor construction required (21 years or older)

  1. Work at a variety of job sites assisting groups with questions/difficulties that may arise at a work project.
  2. Assist the Workcamp Staff, mainly the Tool Supply Manager.

What will Nurses and Paramedics be doing?

Must be certified (21 years or older)

Medical personnel will help at the “home base” whenever a minor medical problem arises (sunburn, twisted ankle, headaches, etc.). This person will still go to a worksite.

Contact the HEART Office if you have an MD, RN, LPN or EMT coming to Workcamp. Please ask him/her if they would be willing to assist with minor medical problems, give basic first aid treatment or make referrals to a hospital if necessary.

  • For those who wish to help with either position, please indicate so on your camp application.