• CHWC does not require any additional vaccinations. However, we ask that you please see your health professional at least 4-6 weeks before the trip for advice on your specific needs. You may also visit for travelers’ health information (adequate fluid intake and insect protection measures are essential).

Catholic HEART Workcamp takes all injuries and illnesses very seriously. First and foremost, parents are promptly notified should any injuries or illnesses occur. No one who is sick or injured is sent to a worksite. We use common sense when it comes to injuries and respond as a parent would to medical situations or illnesses that occur in one’s own home. Most minor injuries can be dealt with through supplies provided in the first aid kit. Emergency contact information will also be provided to all teams.

If a work camper needs any over-the-counter medications, the youth minister/contact person is responsible for informing the parents, purchasing the medication, and administering it. The CHWC staff or the camp nurse are NOT PERMITTED TO ADMINISTER ANY MEDICATION BY MOUTH. This includes prescription medication as well. The CHWC first-aid kit will not include Tylenol, cold medication, Tums, etc.

When it is obvious a person needs medical attention because of a major problem or life-threatening injury, he/she will be driven to the local hospital emergency room, or 911 will be called, and the person will be transported by ambulance. Whenever possible, the camp nurse or parish contact person will accompany the person. When a person is sent to a hospital emergency room, he/she will either be sent home or back to the school based on the physician’s assessment and evaluation, as well as the parent’s final decision.

Sick Campers:

In order to be in compliance with the Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, CHWC has implemented a POLICY FOR SICK CAMPERS.

  • If one of your teens is sick and must stay back from their worksite, the policy is as follows:
    An adult from your parish must stay back to care for them. (When needed, CHWC will replace the work team with another adult).
  • If the teen is sick for one full day (and misses going to a worksite), that same day, they must visit a local walk-in clinic or hospital for evaluation. Depending on the outcome, a decision will be made as to whether the camper should return home.
  • If a camper must return home, it will be at their expense.

On many occasions, campers are sick when they arrive at camp. Please, for your own benefit and for the consideration of others, do not bring sick teens to camp.