Puerto Rico:

Sleeping accommodations:

  • There are beds, so no need to lug your air-mattress, nor will you need to bring sheets/pillows. Should you want a blanket you will need to bring your own, but there is not much of a need. EAR PLUGS and/or NOISE-CANCELLING HEADPHONES are a must. The retreat center is rural which means roosters, dogs, horses, birds, you name it.

Is there A/C?

  • ThereĀ is in the program area but not A/C in the sleeping quarters. However, there are fans in the rooms, and since it is located on top of a mountain there usually is a great breeze. Additionally, there is a pool on the property, which will be great for cooling off after a day of service.

How many people will be assigned to each room?

  • The site has 6 or 7 small “houses” with bedrooms that sleep between 2 and 4 people. We will be hosting males and females in separate houses. Adults and teens of the same sex from the same Parish will be in the same house but different rooms. Once all our numbers are in, we will figure out that your group will end up with x number of rooms in a house, and you can decide how best to use them.

What is the bathroom situation at the retreat center?

  • Each room has its own bathroom so 3-4 people will share.

Is there a need for a power converter?

  • No, because Puerto Rico is a US territory there will be no electricity conversion issues.

Will we have access to refrigerators-in room or otherwise?

  • No, however we will accommodate those with food allergies
  • Our water will come from large, filtered water machines in each living space and common area so bringing a bottle to refill from home will be essential.